Know someone that needs help scaling or optimizing their service-based business?

Refer them to join Six-Figure Service and get paid $500!

Six-Figure Service is our high-touch group coaching program that helps service providers scale to 6+ figures.

We're all about creating a business that works around your life, not the other way around, and Six-Figure Service shows you how to do just that!

We're focused on setting up the backend systems, hiring AMAZING team members and signing dream clients to get you working less than 20 hours/week and scale to at least 6 figures in the next 12 months 😍

This button below breaks down all of the details of the program. 

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Wondering where you come into this?

For every person that you refer who joins Six-Figure Service, you'll get $500 in cash.

So if you refer 3 people & they join, that's $1,500! 🥳

Here's how it works...

Know someone that's a fit? 

Have them send Steph a DM on Instagram or Facebook & mention your name & Six-Figure Service.

They can find me on Facebook here (

They can find me on Instagram here (@theblakecollective).

They joined! Yay! 🎉

Within 30 days of your referral successfully joining the Six-Figure Service program, we'll send you $500 via PayPal!

We'll reach out to you directly to get your PayPal email.


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