Service Spotlight (Madrona Rose)

service-based business virtual assistant Apr 19, 2021

In this Service Spotlight interview, I’m excited to introduce you to Madrona Rose!

Madrona is a Social Media and Pinterest Manager helping coaches and soulful entrepreneurs leverage the power of Pinterest, social media, and SEO to generate leads and skyrocket sales. 

If you are considering a career as a social media and or Pinterest manager, you’ll love learning how Madrona is doing it!

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What types of people do you specifically work with? Who is your dream client?

Madrona: For my Pinterest and social media management, I predominantly work with coaches in the mindset and spiritual realm. 

For my Pinterest services, I work with any service provider looking to get them or their client on Pinterest and get started seeing those powerful results. 

Why did you start your business? And why social media and Pinterest?

Madrona: I started doing social media management in the corporate space, where I saw the power of Pinterest and social media for starting and scaling small businesses. I saw a gap in the world to help people focus on growing their businesses digitally.

What differentiates me from other service providers that do what I do is I really bringing passion and purpose to the table in every single project I get on. 

Could you give people one tip for using Pinterest in the best way possible?

Madrona: Consistency is key! The thing about Pinterest is that you can get such quick results sometimes if you’re really consistent. 

On the other hand, if you’re not consistent with Pinterest, you’ll see your analytics drop dramatically.

Do you recommend using Tailwind?

Madrona: Yes! Tailwind has a bunch of useful tools for Pinterest and also has an official partnership with them. I would 100% recommend using Tailwind over the other schedulers.

If you could pick one thing that’s your all-time favorite about being a business owner, what would that be?

Madrona: I really like to take a growth focus approach, whether I’m hiring people and training them or people are hiring me for my services. 

Business growth is not linear, and it can be more than that, and if someone is only showcasing those wins, then that is not a full picture. It’s the biggest pleasure of mine getting to watch my clients grow and continue to step into their next level selves as business owners and also as people. 

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