Service Spotlight (Leslie Mazzei)

productivity service-based business Mar 01, 2021

In this Service Spotlight interview, I’m excited to introduce you to Leslie Mazzei!

Leslie is the owner of Clarke & Co., a business operations agency that specializes in serving other agency owners or aspiring agency owners. 

If you are considering scaling your service-based business, you’ll love learning more about Leslie’s journey.

Why did you start your service-based business, and was it always an agency?

Leslie: I started my business for some extra cash to help out my husband and kids on the side while also working as a litigation paralegal. I quickly realized there was something to my side-hustle, and my husband pushed me to take it full time. 

After hitting a brick wall and feeling burnt out last year, I was able to find my niche. I realized there was a gap in the industry to help individuals who are looking to scale their business after experiencing quick growth. 

I saw a huge need for someone who could help people with the back end of their business while they focus on other elements of their work. 

Since then, everything has come naturally and comfortably, and I feel I’m working in my zone of genius.

What do you enjoy about helping the type of people you work with? What do you enjoy about working as an entrepreneur in general?

Leslie: I love coming in and helping out an individual who is on the brink of burnout and unsure where to turn with their business or agency. I truly just love helping people and enjoy knowing I can come in and relate so intimately with someone. 

In my work, I know I can understand the emotions behind their business and hold their hand as they go through challenging times. 

My packages are structured so that I can really walk with people as an individual and a business. In general, I love the freedom of entrepreneurship! I no longer have my previous work restrictions and can be present and available for my family as needed.

After leaving your previous job, did you find you were still stuck in the 9-5 mindset for the first few months?

Leslie: I left my 9-5 around Labor Day in 2019, and I found it took me a while to get out of that 9-5 timeline. 

It took me a long time to get out of the 9-5 mindset and the fear of needing to be at my computer during those hours. 

It’s such an ingrained part of corporate culture, and it’s a unique issue within the agency culture, specifically.

With a combination of freelancers, contractors, and those growing their agency, my clients need to understand the process of working with their various team members. 

I always remind people you don’t know what you don’t know, so I act as a tour guide to remind them of the issues they may face on their journey.

What makes you unique in the field you are in?

Leslie: I’ve not yet found someone who focuses on melding all areas, including coaching, setup, and back-office strategy, doing it all for you and with you. 

My team focuses on the strategies and helps walk our clients through the setup process while also training you in everything we create. 

This allows our customers to fully focus on their client work while we look after the back end of their business. 

I found this was how I was struggling last year, so I try to fill the needs I had in the past with my business.

What is something fun you enjoy doing outside of your business?

Leslie: Check out my Instagram to look at my fun table nacho spreads – it’s something I’ve loved doing recently. 

Otherwise, I just enjoy spending my extra time with my family and kids. Now that I have my time back, I’m trying to spend as much time as possible with my family to make up for the dinners and times I missed spending together in the past. By laying good foundations for your business, you can get to this stage and enjoy a balanced life too!

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Leslie is such an inspiration, and I hope she has inspired you to consider the agency model for your business. 

I love hearing stories of other successful businesswomen and men and I enjoy learning how they’ve scaled their business to 6+ figures without working every hour of the day.

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