Service Spotlight (Kristi Bahgat)

productivity service-based business Mar 22, 2021

In this Service Spotlight interview, I’m excited to introduce you to Kristi Bahgat!

Kristi is an online business manager who serves 6+ figure coaches and online service providers.

If you’re considering pivoting from a virtual assistant to an online business manager, then you’ll love to hear how Kristi did it!

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Why did you start your business?

Kristi: The biggest push for me was that I was absolutely miserable in my job because I was unfulfilled and felt that each day, I was wasting my life. 

I wanted time freedom, location freedom, and being able to do what I wanted when I wanted. 

What made you specifically choose the OBM role? What about being an OBM intrigued you?

Kristi: To start, the online space blows my mind! I was sitting miserably in a job for so many years when there’s a whole other world online of people making tons of money working from home. 

When I first left my job, all I knew was virtual assisting, which I did for months before I pivoted to OBM work.

This higher-level role allows me to consult with my clients and help them with some of the bigger picture things in their business. 

What is your favorite thing about being a business owner and an OBM?

Kristi: I love to organize! I enjoy helping organize someone’s business, I just want to take that overwhelm from someone, and being an online business manager lets me do exactly that. 

I love identifying those business gaps in the beginning so that we can lay a solid foundation and then grow up on that.

Being a business owner, in general, goes back to time freedom, location freedom, and being in charge of the money I make in my business and life. 

If you could pick one thing that makes you unique as a business owner and an OBM, what would that be?

Kristi: My corporate experience! I had a unique opportunity to build out an entire HR department for a multimillion-dollar restaurant chain I worked with for 16 years.

I didn’t like doing that HR job, but now that I’m an OBM, I realize that it was all leading me to be a business owner. 

What has the journey of being a business owner been like for you?

Kristi: I feel like this is the only occupation where you push yourself so far outside of your comfort zone every day. 

When you’re an entrepreneur, you have so much work you need to do on your mindset and learning things that push you off your comfort zone. 

I have grown so much from where I was a year ago in my mindset, which makes me excited about my journey. 

What is the one thing that contributed to you scaling your service-based business so fast?

Kristi: My mindset! Nothing else would be possible if I didn’t have my mind in check. 

I practice gratitude, meditation, or affirmation in the morning plus combating limiting thoughts with positive ones. 

I have mastered how to embody and show up as the 6+ figures business owner I want to become. I have also been getting better at feeling my feelings than rejecting them. 

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