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service-based business six-figure business team management Jun 30, 2021
In this Service Spotlight interview, I’m excited to introduce you to Kristen Westcott!
Kristen is an Online Operations Business Consultant that helps service providers scale past the 6+ figure mark by creating systems in their businesses.

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Who are you and what do you do?
Kristen: My name is Kristen Westcott and I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, so just north of the New York, City boarder and I am an Online Business Operations Consultant.
I work with people who have just passed that six-figure level. I’ve noticed that as they figure out how to proceed with doing work they love, they’ve got clients and traction, but they are struggling to advance, scale, and grow. I help my clients put strategic systems in place to make it easier to grow their business into their vision. 
I also help clients take the load of the administrative part of their business off their plate and teach them how to outsource in a way where they can have the life they have envisioned when they had started their business.
Do you work with a specific group of people, such as women or moms?
Kristen: I tend to work with women but surprisingly very few moms. There are just a lot of women, whether they have kids at home or not, running a service-based businesses. A lot of them are coaches and I work with quite a few copywriters. 
I work with many people who don’t have systems in place yet, which is where I come in. I work with them on a 1-1 basis to help them create the systems for their businesses.
Can you share about the beginning days of your business and how you got to where you’re at now?
Kristen: Yeah! So, I got started in the online space with the help of a life coach. I started working with her after having some health issues, specifically postpartum depression after having both of my children. My therapist at the time recommended to focus on a hobby and I had no idea what to even do as a hobby! 
So, I went to Google and found Health Coaching. I began helping other women who wanted to balance work and motherhood. It was during that time that I really learned how the online business world worked! Soon after, I ended up shifting the support to helping other people who had growing businesses. 
One of the reasons I’ve continued with it now is because of our ability as woman to use our voices and amplify our businesses to speak out about what we are passionate about. I think that’s really what has pushed me to continue doing what I love and supporting other woman in business. 
Every day I’m helping women see the impact that they are having on others. This not only makes me feel great but it also shows them the impact they are having on the world. Women need the support of systems and I help them create them in a way that allows them to continue growing.
So I see you have a couple of kids as well. How old are they?
Kristen: Yes I do. So, my oldest just turned seven last week and the younger one is 4 1/2, both girls. 
Are you noticing your life-coaching business experience coming as you help your clients navigate their own businesses with the current events, such as the pandemic and so forth?
Kristen: Yeah, absolutely. It’s funny that you brought that up. I was actually speaking with a past client and chatting about what was going on in her life and she goes “you are the only person that I know that talks about the life side of things and what is going on with society.
You are the first person I’ve seen that is helping to figure out how all of the pieces fit together.
I think it comes naturally to me because of my life-coaching & sociology background. For women, I have found that there is no separation between life and business. It is all one. Our business is our life so it tends to blend in when I work with my clients.
What is one of your number one favorite things about being a business owner?
Kristen: Well, ideally, when I started out, it was the flexibility, which quickly disappeared until I got my own systems in place. Now, I love being able to choose who I work with and when I work. I love being able to say “okay, we are homeschooling right now. No calls at these times.” I never have to request time off or permission to take off. 
I think the best part has really been the ability to balance having my family first while running a thriving business.
What makes you, Kristen Westcott, unique in your field? If you could choose one thing that makes you stand out above everybody else, what would that be?
Kristen: I think it’s the idea that I do bring that life-coach element into the strategy side of things. I don’t give someone a plan and make them do A, B and C. 
I also don’t believe in forcing people into a particular mold. When I work with clients, I take their life and their specific situations into play as we create the systems that are going to work best for them. I think that’s what my clients love about working with me.
If you could pick one thing that you enjoy outside of work, what would that be? 
Kristen: if you had asked me a few weeks ago, I would have said reading. I am an avid reader. But lately, I’ve been going on a lot of solo walks.
What kind of books do you read?
Kristen: Mainly Business Development books, let’s be honest 😆
A while back, I used to read romance too. As a teenager, I read Nora Roberts. I’m going through her backlog a bit right now and it’s been fun to get into that again.
Did you have any last pieces of advice that you want to share with the people who are approaching the six-figure mark or has passed it? Like someone wondering “How do I get my life in order?” Do you have one tip you could give them?
Kristen: Yes, I do but it’s not going to be one that they are going to want to hear. They need to slow down and step back for a minute; really think about the next step and phase. What is next?
What do I want this business to be? Visions shift for any business so taking that step back will refocus your attention to what you want and what you envisioned for your path.
Now where can people find you, work with you, or see what you are sharing on social media?
Kristen: Feel free to hit me up on Instagram. I love having audio DM conversations. It helps to get to know people better when hear their voice so send me a DM! You can also contact me on my website at
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