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In this Service Spotlight interview, I’m excited to introduce you to Christina Rava!

Christina is a website designer and copywriter who works with health and wellness entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to book more clients and launch courses designed to grow your business, you’ll love to hear from Christina!

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Who are you and what do you do?

Christina: My name is Christina Rava, and I am a tech specialist and website designer for health and wellness professionals. I started as a health coach a few years ago and got overwhelmed very quickly so I pivoted to focus on the backend of businesses instead.

What is your mission for your company?

Christina: My mission is to help health and wellness professionals simplify everything on the backend and make it manageable for them. I've noticed that they get very overwhelmed with how to make a website or email list; all of the tech obstacles they don’t understand.

With my help they're able to focus on the coaching and not get hung up on the backend of their business.

How did you start your own business?

Christina: I started on the coaching side (as a health coach) and shortly after pivoted to the backend to helping professionals with their own tech obstacles and hurdles of what they didn’t understand. I eventually realized that this was something I was actually pretty good at and it’s something that people are struggling with so that was my lightbulb moment.

You were in a 9-5 job prior to starting your business, correct? Why did you decide to leave?

Christina: I actually did like the job that I had before I started my own business. I was in marketing and I liked but it was in a client service role. At the end of the day, you have to bend over backwards to keep the client happy and I was working for a pretty big, a multi-million-dollar company, so there were a lot of client demands to keep up with.

I took a few years off to be with my kids’ full time but I knew that when I started working again, it needed to be different. It couldn’t be back to that 9-5 situation because it was taking up all of my time. I just knew I had to do things differently.

Can you share one of your favorite things about being a business owner?

Christina: I know this sounds really nerdy, but it has really forced me to push myself. I think being an entrepreneur pushes you to a whole new level, like wearing all the hats and learning all the things. It just pushes you to dig deep to find that motivation, to make it work, to do whatever it takes because you don't have a boss or team members pushing you; it's all on you.

It can be really difficult to get past that, but you can look back and say “wow, I’ve come a long way. I’ve pushed myself more than I would have if I hadn’t started on this journey.”

Can you share one thing that makes you specifically unique in your field? What makes you stand apart from your competitors?

Christina: I know the health and wellness industry inside and out. I am formerly trained as a health and wellness coach so I can speak the language of my clients and help them in ways that other service providers can't.

In addition to that, I have been interested in holistic and wellness for as long as I can remember. I was always reading about the latest trends so I feel like I am very emerged in the health and wellness world. I understand what other health and wellness coaches are trying to do, the value of what they provide, and who they are trying to reach. I understand all of the components of it. Whereas someone on, let's say, the marketing background, wouldn’t understand it as well.

Finally, I think my philosophy as someone who understands the health and wellness space is that it’s so important to manage stress; I bring this element into my business and as a top priority in helping my clients. It’s not about just showing you how to manage or make a website but to help you stop freaking out about business because it’s counterproductive and unhealthy to what your mission is.

Do you find, in the health and wellness space particular, that there is a format you can follow in terms copywriting and website design or is every person you work with truly unique?

Christina: It’s a little bit of both. You obviously want to make your own experience and knowledge stand out and your unique perspective but in terms of the format, I like to help my clients take a step back and reframe what they provide from the client’s perspective.

This helps us to create an experience & showcase the transformation that the clients are looking for rather than this solution that they know is going to help later on down the road.

What are some things that you like to do outside of your business?

Christina: I’m really into fitness, yoga, and meditation. I’ve also recently gotten back into reading fiction. I was always reading health, wellness, and fitness but I found that I needed a break at night and to be able to not to have my brain turned on 24/7.

I also love traveling and going on vacations, especially when hiking and anything outdoors is involved.

Where is the best place for people to connect with and find you?

Christina: I operate mostly from my website. I’m not too active on social media. You can go to and book a call with me. I love to connect with people face to face on coffee chats to get to know them a bit better.

Any last-minute tips you can offer concerning what you do?

Christina: Make sure that you have a lot of call to actions on your website. Give people the opportunity to connect with you. Don’t make it hard for people and don't make them hunt for that link. There is no such thing as overdoing it. Put links everywhere!

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