Planning Your Next 90 Days

productivity service-based business Feb 15, 2021

Planning the next 90 days for your business can be an exciting process! 

After deciding on your signature service [INSERT LINK TO SIGNATURE SERVICE BLOG POST], you will want to plan what the next few months will look like for your company. 

By following these steps below, you can set yourself up for a successful 90 days ahead for your agency or business.

Once a quarter we host planning parties with the Six-Figure Service students. We give them robust, color-coded templates and worksheets and also complete an in-depth review of each person's plan to make sure that it's:

  1. Realistic

  2. Strategic

  3. Effectively set up (marketing & systems-wise)

Plus, each week on our coaching calls, we hold you accountable to not only creating your strategy but also implementing the plan!!

Steps to Help You Plan the Next 90 Days for Your Business

To help you scale your business, I’ve created this simple eight-step procedure. 

By following these steps listed below, you’ll be able to plan for the upcoming three months and get one step closer to your goal of earning 6+ figures.

  • Step 1 - What are your monthly revenue goals? Decide on the exact figure you would like your business to make each month.

  • Step 2 - How many clients do you need to do in order to reach your monetary goal over the next 3 months & what is the rate that you’re signing them on at

  • Step 3 - Look at your mental health & energy levels. Do you have a lot of energy to do big things or do you need to focus on smaller tasks over the next few months?

  • Step 4 - What big events do you have coming up in the next 90 days? Think about any special events which you can tie into a promotion or sale. For example, if Black Friday is approaching, you know you’ll need to dedicate some time to prepare for this. This should also include any vacation time you have coming up or any time you want to book off work.

  • Step 5 - Outline everything that you want to do in the next 90 days. Make a list of all the things that YOU want to be doing.

  • Step 6 - Look at the list that you created & pull the top 5 highest priority items and outline them below.

  • Step 7 - Map out your big events & your priorities into the months that you want to focus on them.

  • Step 8 - Create your public launch plan for each of your priorities.

Having a consistent planning strategy for your business is essential to help you achieve success. 

You need to plan weeks and months in advance, keeping your goals in mind. 

To reach your goals, you need to understand how you can meet these targets so you have the best chance of achieving everything you hope to in the next three months. 

Remember, if you are planning to launch something in the future, you may want to hire other people to assist with various areas so it’s important that we plan out the interview/hiring process for those team members too.

You’ll need to feel confident in the strategy you are using, and you’ll be far more likely to attract new clients for your business.

Planning ahead 90 days at a time is the key to scaling your service-based business! 

Are you ready to scale your service-based business to 6+ figures so you can work <20 hours/week? Learn more about Six-Figure Service and apply for a free training + join us at our upcoming planning party!


After more than 10 years in corporate marketing, Steph decided that she was ready to go full force in her virtual assistant biz to help other entrepreneurs automate & organize the backend.

The end result? $10K+ months, completely booked out & ready to teach other women to do the same thing!

What began as a tiny dream to eventually help other moms stay home with their kids, turned into an obsession that she's fully invested in as a business coach.

Today, she helps service providers scale their service-based business to 6+ figures while working less than 20 hours/week!

Steph also has an insane obsession with Chipotle & Amazon Prime. She lives outside of Chicago with her husband, little boy and pup!

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